Change is good

Like the butterflies we are, we've transformed the way we travel slightly. Don't worry we're still cycling... just lighter!

From Classic Touring

Starting out, we chose traditional touring bikes and way too much gear! For 8 months we cycled through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos.

They helped us learn, grow and ultimately prepare to live on bicycles for the next few years! However, after many a failed hike-a-bikes, we decided that we didn’t need all this “stuff” and decided to switch...

To Light Bikepacking

Now, we travel as light as possible. We still carry all our own gear but less of it!

This means we can do more of the riding we truly love - single & double track, gravel grinding & general off-road adventure touring. So, this is how we will ride the next leg of our expedition!

But how did you do it from the road?

'Twas difficult, but not impossible

Here’s some of the old whys and hows answered

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Why did we switch to bikepacking mode?

We want to seek out the forgotten landscapes, learn from local people and tell the stories that aren’t often told

For us, “bikepacking” is an evolution of bike touring, not a replacement. The route that we’re taking in has been done by many cyclists’ over the years – but, mainly on the roads.

We want to avoid the towns, cities and many of the roads. Instead chooising dirt & gravel. Championing the back country communities, people, landscapes and the traditions that can be found there.

As fervent writers & photographers, we want to then translate our experiences to help other cyclists. We don’t keep a blog as such, but instead, create field-tested handbooks for each country we cycle through. These handbooks are jam packed with our favorite routes, maps & elevation charts, language translations & phrases, photos and all the essential information that cyclist’s need whether at home planning a trip, or on the road. 

We’re pretty proud of them & we’ve recieved some awesome feedback so far with countless cyclists, and to our suprise backpakers,  and motorcyclists getting oin touch to say thanks!

We think there’s real opportunity to positively impact people’s travel experiences with these handbooks. For us, being able to include featured gear, packing lists & recipes showcasing your products would be a fantastic way for us to help our readers and point more people towards the brand.

Check out our Vietnam handbook now!

Why didn't we modify our current bikes?

From tropical to tropicold…

As our time South East Asia draws to an end, we trade in warm, tropical climates for cold mountain passes in Nepal, Pakistan & Central Asia. The luxury of sleeping in a silk liner disappears and the need for a more robust sleep system will be the difference between restful nights & questioning what the hell we’re doing! 

So we would love your help with a sleep system that’s capable down to about -10C /15F lightweight, comfortable and able to compress so that we can stow them on our bikes without taking up much space. 

We’re thinking the following products would work perfectly for us, and after using the interactive sleep system finder on your website, (which is totally awesome by the way) it looks about right. But, we’d appreciate anything you’d be willing to share. 

What are you riding now?

Cos’ you make freaking awesome gear & you don’t follow the pack!

When other adventure brands caught onto the “bikepacking” wave and started designing  specific tents, tarps & bags for cyclists. You guys haven’t… and that’s why you’re awesome…

You don’t need to design specific products to follow niche markets. Let’s face it, cycling is just one way to explore the world. We really respect that you don’t drink from the cool-aid and stick true to what seperates you from the rest of the pack — creating the very best gear that suits everyone’s adventures!

Bottom line is – we would be proud to don your brand, talk about you to our friends & followers! 

But don’t worry, it’s not all one-way traffic with us… keep reading to see how we can help you too

The next six months

Back country adventures & learning the ropes


Exploring Myanmar 's back country like never before


Rolling through India's lesser discovered North East. Sipping chai, riding jungle tracks & creating new routes


The Annapurna, Mt. Evarest, Gokyo Lakes - Nepal will be a dream come true!


Traversing the Pamirs' in a not so traditional way

What can we offer the brand?

A unique perspective on a well trodden path


We’re both passionate photographers, with individual styles that can capture your products in action, beautifully!

Unique Storytelling

Our stories champion the cultures, countries and communities we ride through. Imagine your gear featured in these stories looking badass.

Cycling Handbooks

Not another blog! Instead, we create country-specific handbooks, that are field-tested by us and packed to the brim with tactical info

Gear Reviews

You make rad gear! But, with everything needs field testing in it’s natural habitat. We’re positive, passionate and honest!

Every one loves to learn

Our stories cover everything from bikes & coffee to buddhism

Check out a story

Giving back to the community

Our handbooks are educational, honest & save people time

Check Out A Handbook

Ready to help us
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