Our Bikes & Gear

A look at our setups as they've transformed

Let's just say our setups have changed a bit since day one

But, why all the change and more importantly what have we learnt as a result of the changes?

The intention of this page is to give you a run-down of the gear we now carry, how we carry it and more details on the bikes we’ve ridden. Sam will likely get all geeky and include some extra notes of tires, drivetrain choices and important things we/he thinks could help you…

The Transformation

From Classic Touring

Starting out, we chose traditional touring bikes with the faithful Ortlieb panniers. For 8 months we cycled through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos.

These bikes gave us the space to grow, learn and ultimately prepare to live on bicycles for the next few years. However, as we started to crave more off road adventures, we found our panniers were too heavy &cour tires too skinny for the epic hike-a-bikes we encountered.

So we made the decision in Thailand to switch...

To Light Bikepacking

Now, we travel as light as possible. We still carry all our own gear but less of it!

This means we can do more of the riding we truly love - single & double track, gravel grinding & general off-road adventure touring. So, this is how we will ride the next leg of our expedition!

Where are we heading next?

We found that we just carrying stuff for the sake of it. 1kg of oats each, 2 laptops, a myriad of spares & tools. Our panniers were almost always half full and when we were cycling in the moutains we felt restricted by our setups. So, we took a deep breath and changed… everything!