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Intention of these guides

So you’ve made the decision to go on a bicycle tour? – AWESOME!

You’ve got your bike, gear and by now, you’ve probably spent innumerable hours reading blogs, reviews and furiously researching as much as possible to help you prepare. Piecing together aspects of one blog, a route from another and advice from someone your cousin’s friend knows…

Guess what? We’ve been there too and we also found it pretty overwhelming. In the end, we said f*ck it – and decided not to plan…

But the problem with that was…

With every new border we crossed & every new country we entered – we were constantly starting from ground zero. Of course, this has huge merits and has allowed us to be very spontaneous. But, the first few hours and days in a brand new country can be pretty daunting! You’ve just spent time synchronising with one country, getting used to the food, culture, language and money.

But now you find yourself back at square one, filled with questions like:-

  • “What’s the situation with drinking water?”
  • “How much should I be paying for basic accommodation?”
  • “What’s the best food to eat?
  • What are the best routes & places to cycle this heavy ass bike?
  • “How do I say basic things in this new language, instead of being glued to Google translate?
  • “Can I wild camp here and is camping even legal?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the essential information that you're looking for when either entering a new country or planning a tour was in one place?

A guide that would help before the tour with planning and during with useful tips, route recommendations, essential phrases and more…

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