Hey! I'm Bec

“I’m anything but your typical cyclist!”

I stupidly fell in love with a bike hobo called Sam and now i’m cycling around the world – and loving it.

Before I came on tour, I lived in Melbourne, worked in a busy technology company and my staple dinner was red wine and fried chicken – no joke!

I’m now vegetarian, don’t drink & not nearly as fun.

My Story


How I came to live on a bike and travel the world

Before this tour, I didn't even own a bike and the biggest cycling day I’d done alone was 15km.

So starting a journey of this scale was daunting (to say the least!). The first 4 weeks were really hard. Dealing with tropical weather, a fully loaded bicycle, and spending 24/7 with Sam (He’s kind of intense) has been… challenging.

I’ve learnt some big lessons along the way and now come to really enjoy the bike. So much so, that I couldn’t imagine travelling any other way.

What to expect from me

Due to my lack of prior experience, I’ll be writing blog posts from a bit of a different perspective to Sam….

As someone who has come to love cycling, but who’s main purpose of this trip was not focused on the bike, but more to unlearn and just enjoy exploring the world.

My advice and posts might be helpful for people who:

  • Have little to no experience touring
  • Want some tips and tricks to help when starting out
  • Aren’t bike fanatics, but who are curious to use the bike as a tool to travel

– Oh, and to people who love food & photography, because I’m 100% obsessed with finding the most delicious treats all across the world and photographing them.

If you want to connect with me, send me an email or DM on Instagram